Solar Car Products



Solar “Trickle Charger”

In this time of high gas prices, this solar product is being used for improving hybrid car gas mileage by up to 50%. This particular used Honda Civic Hybrid was getting 37 mpg prior to installing SolarImby’s “solar trickle charger”, and it is now enjoying over 50 mpg! Take a look.



The “Solar Trickle Charger” can be used to charge your cell phone, mobile device, or other device or accessory. It is also a valuable source of car battery health and maintenance. The solar panel is connected to the car battery which can not only extend the life of your car batteries by as much as 30%, but it also consistently charges the entire battery system of your Hybrid car. 

It is commonly used for remote power purposes, such as festival non-generator power, camping van, or leisure boats. It is also useful for hybrid and electric cars that consistently consume more electricity to run the car. It can serve as a power replacement during emergency situations. When it is low, it is able to start your car with no problem on a sunny day.

Another idea for this flexible solar system is a solar car fan or mini air- conditioner for pets and any external non-auto system accessory . The solar power source can be used when you leave your pet in your car on a hot day to go shopping.  It includes a standard flexible solar panel, wire cables, a charge controller, DC to AC inverter, and a fan or mini air conditioner. The product has a working demo version. It was not my idea, but conceived by my friend Ken Uchikura, founder of Pacific Software Publishing.

Product Description

This product is a standard 120w flexible solar panel sealed securely to the roof of your car by industrial Velcro. The Panel cables run into the car engine area to a solar charge controller before connecting to the battery. This charge controller protects your battery from sudden potential power surges at any time.


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