Solar Imby is an innovative developer of solar and electric vehicle products and services. We have developed three base solar solutions, one for your hybrid car, and the other two for your home.

Our Solar Car “Trickle Charger” increases the mileage of your hybrid car and maintains the health of your battery(s). The starter 1 – kilowatt solar array, and 3 – kilowatt solar array installation kits are a low cost way for home owners to save money on your energy bill using a simple off-grid solution. These amounts of power are a good starting point for the conservative buyer who wants to generate solar power, but is not quite ready to go “all-in” with a highly expensive grid-tied solutions generating in excess of 8 – kilowatt hours of power:


We also offer business development and communications services, helping startups and SMEs in various phases of their early stage life cycle.